The time: One week ago.

This appears on Messenger: "Good day Sir, I am willing to work in your project. Thanks sir."

I reply: "My company is producing more than FIFTY projects for a bunch of clients. Which project are you asking me about?"

"If ever sir whatever I am willing. Comics interior pages sir. Traditional pencil and ink. I have no knowledge in digital sir."

"I am looking at our website list. You are not on our roster. What's more, I do not see where you sent to me a portfolio of your work."

"Ok sir, I will send some of my works" "Seriously, you wrote to me asking for work when you did not submit a portfolio to my company or any information about yourself?"


The time: Moments ago. The place: Messenger.

"Good day Sir, I am declining my approach for whatever reason. Thanks for your time. Godbless."