Alexander has been drawing and painting all his life and has taken that artistic passion to the digital realm in his professional work. After spending time in a special "traditional art” High School, he moved to computer graphics and found his place in digital painting. Since his time in college studying Computer Animation and Special FX in Film, he has jumped into the comic book industry as a colorist while also illustrating covers and creating concept artwork for countless projects.

Creating powerful images that tell a story or convey emotion is a top focus in Alexander’s work. Being a freelance artist for more than a decade has helped him to develop a variety of skills and artistic styles. Wether the job calls for cuddly-cute cartoon puppies or crazed-cybernetic photo real wolves, he has the tools for the job. Working on such a wide range of projects has also proved his ability to work in collaboration with other artist or art directors to achieve the desired final look. Alexander is passionate about his art and brings that excitement with him to every job!