Sexy Adult Coloring book “Beautiful Dreamers”

Jinky Coronado, the former FHM lingerie model and calendar girl, is at it again with another sexy schoolgirl-type comics-related project. This one is BEAUTIFUL DREAMERS, an adult coloring book featuring her series characters from BANZAI GIRL, EXPOSURE, and other comicbook projects.

After the Kickstarter success, the IndieGoGo-community is now available to get theirs!

Jinky has been quite busy (and popular) in recent years, as a cover artist for ARCHIE 1955, OZ covers for Zenescope, and various BANZAI GIRL, EXPOSURE, AVALON HIGH, MARKIPLIER, and PANDORA’S BLOGS projects for various publishers.

Now, Jinky explains, “The world has become a much more scary place, as everything in our lives we took for granted changed in mere weeks. Many of us are in self-isolation to stay clear of the coronavirus. Others are braving the world daily as Essential Workers. Still others are Doctors and Nurses and others fighting illness on the front lines. And some have contracted the disease or are in the middle of caring for those who have it.

“Every single one of us is needing a distraction of something with soothing warmth and beauty to help ward away the things that damage our calm.”

What is more appealing and heartwarming than the perfect female form?

As drawn by Jinky, BEAUTIFUL DREAMERS offers up images of endearing schoolgirls, distressed damsels, amazing adventurers, and other winsome wonders.

What’s more, each illustration is joined with an inspirational quotation from the likes of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Carl Jung, John Keats, Rudyard Kipling, President Barack Obama, Carl Sagan, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Deepak Chopra, and many others!

Jinky has launched a short-timetable two-week Kickstarter to get the book funded and in everyone’s hands in June. Yet the book itself is not some cheaply-printed quickie one-off. BEAUTIFUL DREAMERS is in the high-quality 10” x 10” deluxe format used for upscale coloring books sold by Barnes & Noble and other bookstores, with 40+ illustraions on high-grade paper, each page perforated for easy removel and suitable for framing.

As added Bonus Reward Levels, Jinky is offering dozens of special bonus offerings, including custom original art commissions.

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