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Vincenzo Cucca was born in Naples on 25 February 1977.

After graduating from art school state, he continued his artistic training at the School of Naples comix finishing the course in 1995 and, at the same time, he began working for various
advertising agencies and sculpting workshops in San Gregorio Armeno.

Vincenzo participated in '98, as a cartoonist for the Comix, the "Gutenberg Galaxy" held at the Overseas Exhibition of Fuorigrotta (Na). At the same time he took part, always as a cartoonist at the "Citta 'Of Science" of Bagnoli (Na).From 2000 to 2003 worked as a freelance with CrossGeneration comics Tampa (Florida) for the construction of two action figures of the Sojourn and Scion comicbooks  . Which Meridian debuted professionally taking care of the final performances from 39 to 44 as penciler . During his stay in Florida participated in several international comics.On his return to Italy he was appointed lecturer in courses on comics comix School of Naples and is a member of several collaborations: cure illustrations
of school books for the Ferraro Publisher, he was given the first issue of the comic Divy Venta Diving Club, Association of Ventaglio . Cover artist of the saga Jenna & Ninja High School for Narwain and comicbook The saga of Ho Lan (for which he created a special number 1) Avalonia and the Chronicle of Topolinia . Participates with the realization of a self-contained page scripted by Giovanni Gualdoni and colored by Emanuele Tenderini to the French magazine Greenpeace editions Glenat; takes part in the Talents of Wondercity of Turconi, Gualdoni, Tenderini, tested for which realizes a short story by the number 6 and is co-author of the Action figures of the character of Roary.

At the turn of 2006 - 2007 began collaborating with GGstudio managed its main series in style Euromanga Route des Maisons Rouge, published in France, reveals the country of adoption. Then makes a One Shot cartoon style called MAAT, for the French publisher Akileos, is selected by Disney Italy for the construction of the first issues of the comic book of the famous movie High School Musical and winning the chest quest, he was hired by Marvel the execution of pencils She Hulk from number 31 to 34. For the animation studio Musicartoon of Rome creates model sheet, Tourn around and attitudes of characters in the cartoon Teen Days. In the years 2008/2009 he moved to Florence to teach at the international school subjects such as anatomy and dynamic courses in  comic 1, comic 2, animation, and illustration course maja. Published by the French-Belgian Le Lombard, a project of three issue, Le Maitre des Ogres, screenplay by Michel Rodrigue and subsequently hired by Glenat, section Drugstore public, in two issue Pandamonia.

Always forthcoming launch of the French market and always Glenat for the new project: Hot Charlotte.