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Sachin Nagar was born and bought up in Noida,india  and currently lives in New Delhi.

His interest in art started very early in his age which later led to a course in classical 2d animation. He believes that his time in animation helped him get a hold of fundamentals, motion and asthetics  in drawings  and anatomy. He later moved to illustration and digital painting due to his keen interest in both.

Sachin has worked in the roles of animator, illustrator and art director during his career. Recently, Sachin turned freelancer and feels that it has been a great choice so far as it gives him more freedom and  fulfills his need to choose the projects he wanted to do and make his own schedule.

He usually both pencils and colors his graphic novels and comics. He has illustrated about 11 graphic novels. Many of his graphic novels have won multiple awards in comic con India and abroad. One of his most recent awards includes prix Gabriel Valeurs Humaines 2017 (best humanitarian graphic novel) in Paris for "Gandhi - My Life Is My Message" and best christian graphic novel  in a book fest Angouleme 2016, France for "Mother Teresa - Saint of the Slums".



Where were you born ? where did you grow up ?
I was born anin india, in an Army background. I was literally bought up all across the country as my dad kept on moving, which was great .

Tell us about your schooling? Any art trailing?
After doing my graduation in computer science I did a 6 month course In classical animation which was very helpful  in strengthening  the fundamental of art  and created a sense of ascetics.

How long have you been working professionally in comics?
I have been working in comics for about six years.

What thing- both in art and otherwise- have you worked on, besides comics? Are comics a full time gig for you or part time?
Besides comics I have worked as concept artist. Currently graphics are full time gig for me as a freelancer. I do digital paintings in my free time.

Can you talk about how you broke into business –was it easy? Any  ups and downs?
My journey was very gradual. I dint plan to be a comic artist from beginning but art was something I connected from beginning. I moved on to things as my instincts called. After animation I moved on to concept art. I connected the storytelling of animation and the illustration part of concept art to become a graphic novel artist. the transition was not very tough for me and I published my first graphic novel  about six years ago  for a publishing house in India .

Did you work as an assistant to any other artists?
No .

How your parents did took the idea of working in comics?
They  were a little apprensive but I was confident that I dint want to go in a field that I wasn’t that interested in so I persisted , moreover I dint want to  spend large sums of my  parents money  anymore.

What jobs are you proudest of? What’s your most embarrassing?
Proud of all my books  as they were real hard work though very satisfying. Proudest moments where when a graphic novel of mine named  Gandhi-my life is my message got  prix Gabriel valeurs humaines 2017 (best humanitarian graphic novel) in Paris .

What are you currently drawing?comments on that project?
I just finished a  project  on Bhimrao Ambedkar ,the principal architect of constitution or india , the largest democracy and currently working on a short comic on gorilla doctors, they are amazing .

Talk about your family: Parents ,siblings , home situation . Are you married ? Have kids? Anecdotes about married life , how it related to your busy schedule , etc . If you have kids do they understand your job. What do they understand about it ? do they read comics ?
My mother is homemaker . My father  was a military man. quiet a contrast to what I do I suppose. I’m happily married . I met my wife during my animation course and the rest is history .she is taking care of the kid right now and hope to return to office in future .  we  have a boy aged 3 . like all kids he really likes stories  but the time of understanding and reading comics is yet to come . she is “mostly”   supportive of the time I put in in my work . at time I get  too workaholicy  so she does give me reminders  at times .

What projects do you hope to work in future ?
I hope to work on some Viking story , a lot of graphic novels  of versatile subjects .

Where do you see yourself in five years ? ten ?
Just keeping painting and drawing . helping out young  Artists . And because of my interest in writing I see myself as a published Author .

What is the interest in comics where you live? Do friends and neighbors know you draw comics for a living? How do they react ?
It may come as surprise to many but india has fairly old comic culture. There are some local superhero comics and characters which where a part of my growing up and are still very popular. Interest in graphic novel has increased recently.  All my friends come from art industry so it’s a happy situation there. As for my relatives, most of them seem ok with it and don’t really care.

Whats one thing you’ll always find in your refrigerator?
The utter lack of things I would love to devour.

What are your favorite interests – Movies? Music? T.V? Any hobbies? Sports?
I love scifi and fantasy movies, reading books and listening to music .

Have you ever thought of writing your own stories ?
I’m  very much interested in writing. In fact I’m currently in the process of learning and writing my first novel. writing is something  I’m deeply interested in apart for art and I’m sure I’ll convert some of my writing into graphic novels when the time in right.

Ever been in a gang?

What is an average day in your life like ? walk us through a typical day?
I start my day at six , read my news . I sit to write my book for a few hours . later around  10 i start to work on my projects till 5 . sometimes they work goes on till 8 . I take a break after that and enjoy  with my family. watch movies or T.V. On weekends I prefer to take a break from work and read books,  and go out

Any humerous or interesting anecdotes to tell about comic business ?
It’s funny that I can’t think of a single humorous thing on top of my head  about comic business  .

Do you have any great, unsold  projects in your files that nobody gotten to see published ?

If you were not a comic book artist, what would you be?
I would still be doing something in art.

Have you taught comic books art  or had an assistant ? if yes talk about that?
I have taught in sessions in design studios . I take great pleasure in helping  new talents .

A single thing  you’d most like to be remembered in you life?
Someone who gave his best.

Any closing words for you fans?
Reach out for your full potential and then do some more .