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Marco Santucci,  was born in Arezzo in 1974 and he lives in Tuscany.  He started training himself in the world of professional comics at the age of 16 when he met Fabio Civitelli who helped him to make his first amateur drawings a professional work.

His career starts at the age of 20 in an italian super-hero miniseries called “Nembo”, published by Phoenix publishing. Within a short time, he moved up the ranks at Star Comics, where he drew two issues of the comics series called “Samuel Sand”. At the same time, he continued to work in the graphic advertising industry.

In 1998 Marco started  his first big work in the Sergio Bonelli Publishing series, “Mister No”. The story, called “Little odessa” came out in July 1998. Today, Marco is still working for Sergio Bonelli Publishing. Marco has drawn about ten  “Mister No” issues.

In the meantime, he has also joined the staff of the International  School of Comics in Florence, where he had been giving lessons for eight years, teaching how to draw comics and 3D graphics.

The professional skills accumulated over the years in comics and the correlating graphics software have allowed him to become one of the founding members of Arcadia Studio, a company whose products range from comic productions to 2D and 3D animations.

“Termite Bianca”, which was born as an animate series and then converted into a comic, is Arcadia studio’s first project. With Termite Bianca, Marco got the chance to work with another great passion: screenplay. Marco has also created some of the Termite Bianca characters for a possible cartoon, even the latter never took place.
Termite Bianca has been published by Pavesio Productions in Italy, France and other european countries.

At the end of 2005, Marco joined the staff of the most famous of the Bonelli series: “Tex”. He worked as penciller on three issue of the series.

From 2008 to 2011 Marco worked for Marvel comics on “Secret Invasion: Spider-man” , “X-factor”, Siege: spider-man and Captain america: forever allies miniseries as penciller and inker ( with the inking assistant Patrick Piazzalunga).

In the last periods, he’s working for Sergio Bonelli Publishings, on the horror series, “Dampyr” and on the french series “La Mandragore” ( by Soleil editions) which is the graphic creator.

Nembo Phoenix   October 1995
Samuel Sand Star comics La donna del metrò January 1997
Maxi Mister No Bonelli Little Odessa July 1998
Mister No Bonelli I cacciatori e la preda January 2000
Mister No Bonelli Orrore nella giungla February 2000
Mister No Bonelli I dannati della miniera September 2001
Mister No Bonelli L’assedio October 2001
Mister No Bonelli Allarme atomico March 2003
Mister No Bonelli Guerra di spie April 2003
Termite Bianca
( solo sceneggiatura)
Pavesio productions
Dagli abissi February 2005
Mister No Bonelli Il tesoro di Saint-exupèry May 2005
Mister No Bonelli Minaccia dal passato June 2005
Mister No Bonelli Ayahuasca December 2005
Mister No Bonelli Delirio January 2006
Termite Bianca
( solo sceneggiatura)
Pavesio productions
Destini paralleli April 2006
Termite Bianca
( solo sceneggiatura)
Pavesio productions
Caccia spietata May 2007
Tex Bonelli Omicidio in Bourbon Street October 2008
Tex Bonelli Il vecchio di mezzanotte November 2008
Tex Bonelli La casa dell'alchimista December 2008
Secret Invasion:
The amazing Spiderman
Marvel Comics A brand New Secret
Invasion (Part 1)
August 2008
Secret Invasion:
The amazing Spiderman
Marvel Comics A brand New Secret
Invasion (Part 2)
September 2008
Secret Invasion:
The amazing Spiderman
Marvel Comics A brand New Secret
Invasion (Part 3)
October 2008
X-factor #41 Marvel Comics Back and there again March 2009
X-factor #42 Marvel Comics   April 2009
X-factor #43 Marvel Comics Timely Events May 2009
X-factor #44 Marvel Comics Dirty, Sexy, Monet June 2009
X-factor #45 Marvel Comics   June 2009
X-factor #200 Marvel Comics The invisible girl has vanished December 2009
Dampyr Bonelli L'ombra del drago March 2010
Siege: Spider-man Marvel Comics   April 2010
Captain America:
forever Allies # 1
Marvel Comics Unfinished business August 2010
Captain America:
forever Allies #2
Marvel Comics Havoc in Hollywood September 2010
Captain America:
forever Allies #3
Marvel Comics Across the Pacific! October 2010
Captain America:
forever Allies #4
Marvel Comics In the Hall of the Gods November 2010
Dampyr #131 Bonelli Carnevale di spettri February 2011
La Mandragore 1 Soleil Editions Une porte sur l'Enfer February 2012
Maxi Dampyr 4 Bonelli Operazione Viper August 2012
La Mandragore 2 Soleil Editions La part sombre May 2012
Dampyr #163 Bonelli Halloween October 2013
Speciale Dampy #10 Bonelli El Lobo October 2014